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Artist Statement - Updated 4/8/2012

Crafty all my life, I settled on bookbinding because I love to read, own, stack, share, nap with, talk about, organize, and carry around books. They are my constant companions. I have studied the Book Arts with teachers that I deeply respect from the Corcoran School of Art, Garage Annex School, Pyramid Atlantic, and the Art and Soul Retreat. Classes and my own personal research in bookbinding have given me the tools to take what was in my head and coax it out of paper, wood, metal, and glass - whatever I can find. I believe that book becomes art when its creation has intention. This can be in the form of content (text or images), or in my case, in its structure and design. I have concentrated on book structure as my main form of expression, though Book Art with my own original content is in the works.
The best way to describe my collection of interests is to call it a Wunderkammen or a Curiosity Cabinet. Recently, I have investigated the habits of the elusive BookWyrm, dabbled in Robot psychology, and discovered woodworking. Past and future Wunderkammen inhabitants include: Dragons, robots, Ancient Aliens, mysterious ancient cities, etymology, real and created rune-based writing, farmers markets, impromptu curiosity trips, archaeology, the Seed Savers movement, improbable inventions, old patents, blueprints, imaginary maps, transcontinental train rides, the connection of the senses to art and life, what we eat, the influence of food on history, ancient recipes/methods to prepare foods, legacies, the conservation/preservation of books, librarians, wandering traveler libraries, bookmobiles, book printing practices, ink fate, colophons, marginalia, book structure history (the effect of industrialism, availability of materials, war, technology), hidden intricacies, and deciphering codes. Undoubtedly, many more will demand entrance into the ever-evolving Wunderkammen, and I will not disappoint, for I know I can always revisit the delightful nooks and cubbyholes to rummage and linger.